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Emily Dieu(高3)


この本のブックフィルムを作っている間、一番難しかったことは 日本語の訳するスクリプトでした。私の日本語は上手ではありません。




I liked how the book covered a heavy topic with concepts and humor that helped children address death better, since I also had to deal with my grandpa’s death at a young age.


For my video, I tried my best to draw pictures that looked like a child drew them to match the subject and mood of the picture book. I had some trouble with timing the pictures with my audio, but I think it ended up well.




C. インターナショナル部門




福田 快翔 (高1)





Making this book film was very fun. I’ve participated in this competition before, but unlike last time, I used handwritten drawings to make my film this year. There were many challenges because it was difficult to come up with original drawings and draw in general. However, I also enjoyed the challenge of making drawings that were similar yet slightly different from the original. I used an app called Kinemaster, and I think that helped me the most to make this film because I was able to edit videos, music, and sound and make subtitles using this app.


矢野 愛依 (高1)



今年のブックフィルムでは絵を描くことを一番頑張りました。美術のクラスをとっていないので、読んだ本を元にして背景の比率を調節したり、透視図を使って、本に書いてある情報を正確に描くことが難しかったです。Keynote や iMovie のソフトウェアを編集に使い、効果音をつけたため、現実的に表せている感じが伝わります。このように組み合わせることで、ブックフィルムを見る視聴者は本を読みたくなってくれると思います。


In the process of creating this year's book film, I worked hardest on the drawings. As a non-art student, it was difficult to develop skills, such as manipulating proportion, perspective, and creating scenes based on what I have interpreted from the story, most notably by incorporating details provided by the book accurately to the greatest extent possible. I tried my best to supplement the story development through the use of sound effects and editing on Keynote and iMovie, which conveys realism in the video. With the intention of the combined elements aforementioned, I hope that the audience is convinced to read the book.




Angelea Viduya (高2)



このほんのブックフィルムをつくっているあいだ、 いちばんむずかしかったことは、アニメイトすることでした。わたしは、フレームをかくのに、ながいじかんがかかりました。


The software that I used to animate was Krita. It was really fun to animate for the first time, and  I would love to do it again.


Yohanna Tagapan (高3)


「このあと どうしちゃおう」の本はわかりやすいからです。この本のブックフィルムを 作っている間, 最も難しいことはキャラクターを描くことでした。絵を描くのは得意ですが、時間がかかりました。 一番好きなことは、音楽とアートスタイルです。アニメーションは音楽によく合います。アニメーションがうまくいったことを嬉しく思います。


The book "What Happens Next?" was easy to understand. While making the book film, the most difficult thing was to draw the characters. I'm good at drawing, but it took time. I liked the music and the art style the most. Animation goes well with the music. I am happy the animation turned out well.





新谷 健人(高2)


初めてブックトレーラーを作りました。使用した編集ソフトはAdobe Premiere Proです。前の学校でかなり動画の編集をやっていたので編集に自信があります。






This is my first time creating a book trailer. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my video. In the previous school, I did a lot of editing so I am confident with my editing skills.


I was not sure on how I will create a book trailer for a little bit of time, but I used free images, music, sound effects to create my video. I did my best on editing, I had to move the images so it took me a lot of time.


I thought that Souta meeting with the three people and racing with them was important in this story. Therefore, I chose this scene.

C部門 総評


辻 貴司先生


西澤 廣人先生


西山 光子元編集長・現出版プロデューサー


齋藤 優子先生


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